Its one common circumstances: you need to include or change a DRAM module within computer.

Its one common circumstances: you need to include or change a DRAM module within computer.

However already millionaire match login have another module. Could you combine and complement DRAM with different years, performance, latency, voltage, or companies?

Within this website, well explore what takes place in all these situations, and guidelines to ensure that your computer memory is the ideal complement for the system.

The Factors

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Before we plunge into what happens once you combine different sorts of memory, lets read what exactly distinguishes one DRAM component from another.

Generation: This refers to the version of the DRAM processor chip. Each generation of DRAM represents a marked improvement in rate, latency, and current.

Rate: This describes how quickly your personal computer can save and access facts out of your memory space component. Overall, quicker DRAM is better.

Latency: referred to as timings, latency refers to the amount of clock series to perform a read/write projects to suit your systems Central Processing Unit. The lower the latency of the DRAM module, the less time required to accomplish these activities.

Current: This is the power drank because of the DRAM module.

Brand: the maker and/or assembler of your own memories, like Crucial.

Various Generations of DRAM

Lets say you’ve got more mature DDR3 RAM in your body. Is it possible to install a DDR4 component alongside their DDR3 to obtain best efficiency?

No. Dont do so. do not also shot. You can’t blend different generations of DRAM.

Indeed, your cant put in a special generation of DRAM in your body anyway. The reason is that your own motherboard is built to endeavor one generation of mind. Actually, each generation of DRAM features a different sort of placement of pins to make sure you cant inadvertently put in a bad component in a personal computer.

The decision? No. Never Ever. Difficult.

Speed, Latency, & Voltage

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What are the results as soon as you install DRAM segments of various speeds?

While you can officially blend rates, there was one important thing to note: the DRAM would all operated from the speeds regarding the slowest component. For instance, if you really have a DDR3 1333MHz system and put in a second component at 1600MHz, they might both run from the 1333MHz rate.

A similar thing happens with segments with different latencies. The machine will run based on the component with all the slowest timings. Another thing to remember is what speeds the motherboard can handle. If for example the motherboard could only deal with a 1333MHz component, after that a 1600MHz module would operated at 1333MHz.

Think about DRAM modules with various voltages? You suspected it: both segments would operated at the larger current.

For instance, if you’ve got a 1.5v module in a single position and a dual current (1.35v/1.5v) model within the some other, the body will run at 1.5v. In the event that you desired their DRAM segments to run at 1.35v, all of them would need to become 1.35v plus motherboard would need to support the decreased voltage.

The decision? Possible, you will lose the great benefits of the greater efficient component. If you’re able to afford to replace all the modules with efficient, lower-latency segments, you’ll get a perks. If you find yourself attempting to conserve money, you’ll receive ideal benefits by purchasing an extra component with similar rate and latency.

If you are experienced at overclocking, it is possible to adjust the BIOS and various other setup to modify the abilities of mixed-speed modules. However it may cause unpredictable information.


We have founded which you absolutely cant blend years of DRAM. And its perhaps not ideal to combine segments with different speeds, latency, or current.

How about blending brands of DRAM?

In theory, when the additional traits (generation, rate, latency, voltage) are the same, there should be no problems making use of DRAM from two different designs. Though some elderly DDR3 techniques require matched units of mind.

Another thing to remember is that numerous mind brands you should never make their very own DRAM; they merely construct the modules. There are only a number of true storage makers, which means you will in the end getting picking DRAM from those root.

Minor variants during the set up procedure, and the differences in production one of the producers, might impact the show with the segments. While it is not likely, almost always there is the possibility of the modules no longer working with each other and inducing the Blue display screen of demise to suit your program.

The verdict? Continue at the very own risk and seek advice from the manufacturers records.